Weekend Motivation 194

My favorite gardening projects are taking spaces that have been forgotten and neglected and bringing them back to life. More often than not with a bit of work I’m able to take something that looks a mess and tame it into something beautiful. I especially love when I can do this without bringing in new plants. I always find a few gems in there. I’m working on a very large, very sentimental pond area now and the more old turf I remove and literal garbage bags of leaves and brush the more beauty it turns out was there all along. The owner has been working along with me and even she forgot some of the things we found were there! Once I got in the pond and removed all the debris I realized this beautiful lily in bloom had been there all along.

It made me think that if this lovely lady could hang on and bloom where she was planted maybe we can too. We all have aspects of our lives that make it tough sometimes and some people have a lot of those things. Some days it can feel impossible to be sunny or cheerful in the least but it’s up to you how you experience each day. It can be up to us to find the power to bloom where we’re planted but lots of us do. This weekend take some time to get out there for a walk (run or bike ride) and find something blooming where you never thought it would and remember you can do that too!

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