Weekend Motivation 99

Unless you are the current world record holder in your chosen sport chances are you dream of being as fast as someone else. You might think I’m going to say let go of that, you’re perfect just the way you are and stuff like that, but I’m not. That’s all true but … truthfully we’re all still going to want to go just a bit faster than we do now. Here’s the thing the number one thing you can do to get faster is not just give up.

Whether you’re a runner, a cyclist, a swimmer or a something else as long as you keep going you have the chance to evolve. I’ve been running for 23 years now mostly on an off for 15+ of those years but even then I still evolved. I went from sporadic to regular-ish, ran longer and ran more often even when I was an on and off runner. Some of those spurts even made me faster. Then I got more serious about it and started covering legit long distances. In the last 2 years or so, about 5 years into becoming a very regular runner I’m starting to feel like I’m entering a new category of experienced runner. I thought I was doing one and only one half marathon 4 years ago and I’ve done one pretty much every year since, hell this year I’m thinking of doing two! Leading up to this season I even felt like the level of experience I’ve gained lately made it the right time to at least work on getting faster.

The other side of all this is it doesn’t really matter how fast you go the benefit is the same. Plus when you’re pushing yourself to go faster or being serious all the time it takes some of the fun out of your workout. Not to forget the fact that pushing hard in every workout is a sure fire way to get an overuse injury. So this weekend while you’re out there let go of getting or being fast at least for part of a workout and focus on having a bit of fun doing something you love.

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