Bare Minimum Half Training Update 5: Stuff Got Hard This Week

Week 4 was when it got hard this time. We’ve been busy, It’s been very hot sometimes too hot to run even for me and I’ve had other stuff on my mind too. Good stuff, but all those things combined makes for a hard place to train in. Plus I think that I’m now in that phase where I just am running a lot, 28 km a week is a lot for me, for most people right? There’s a point in training where your running demands combine with your life demands and you start to fell like or legitimately realize you’re dropping balls. Well I’m definitely there now one extra thing got added to the plate and all of a sudden nothing else was getting done. I’m not complaining exactly but rather giving myself permission to acknowledge that it is getting hard and that’s okay. You’ll notice today’s post is going up almost a day late and tomorrow’s probably will be too.

Really it’s only 4 weeks from here and then taper time. Which, spoiler alert, will drive me nuts too when that happens. Maybe all of us athletes that sign up for training programs are just addicted to the rollercoaster ride? So here’s how training went this week!

Thursday: That’s right I didn’t even get to running this week until Thursday then I was all freaked out that I was running out of week and the runs were stacking up like crazy. We were under heat warnings for most of last week and I had to do this one with a humidex over 30 C so I obviously shortened it. I went mushroom foraging the night before and decided to count those 3 km as my warm up and cool down. I wasn’t feeling it but once I was out there it was both better than I was expecting even though I felt a bit puke-y. I didn’t even read the schedule I just decided given the heat to go as hard as I felt I could. Turns out it was 3 km of hills but wait for that it came later. I was wearing an older pair of Asics Gel Cumulus. 19’s with over 500 km on them and my knee was killing me. Even though they look great on top, the tread is decent they are in fact shot and being retired as a running shoe officially today. It’s funny that now my ever so slightly trick knee is great for telling me when a shoe has had it! To beat the heat and cool down in an instant I texted honey when I was close so he came and met me at the beach for a nice refreshing swim. So this run came with a photographer built in!

Saturday: This weekend was a long weekend for us which means lots of partying. I make it a point to stay off the roads late at night on weekends especially when people around me might be living it up and not making the best decisions to stay safe. So I got up bright an early to beat the heat and free up the rest of the day. It was still very warm when I was finishing my run at 7:30 am and it was definitely a recovery run from Thursday as well as a shakeout for the long one coming. But with most recovery runs they do get better as time goes on and 3 km into the 6 it was feeling pretty good. You’ll notice I didn’t do any dedicated cross training this week but work had me climbing staging for 15 hours and shoveling 3.5 yards of mulch so I’m going to say I’m good on that this week.

Monday: I think this training cycle Mondays are long run days like it or not. This was hard and might be coloring my view of the week as it was the most recent one. We spent the long weekend working until dark siding and Monday was a driving all over the place looking a potential projects day, with a side of boat ride at the end. Then I hit the road for a 13 km long run at 8:15 pm, yuck. Since I missed the morning cool hours the evening was where it was at but that meant that he headlamp, light bar and reflectors had to come out. I wanted to maximize the last 40 minutes or so light free by staying off the main road as long as possible which means lots of hills also a lot of math but we’ll get to that. Also a certain distance from my house I run out of street lamps. These particular back roads are some of my least favorite to run on because they are all dead ends which means in and outs, over and over and they are pretty boring roads with no views and no breezes. When I got to the main road with my headlamp on I had to take the remaining distance subtract the 3 km I was from home and divide that distance by two. Let me tell you it felt like multivariable calculus at the time. Plus there was on great big hill to to left in front of me, twice! It was hard, my legs were on fire but in a newer pair of kicks my knee was fine. I got home at 10 and it was right into the tub for me! I even went to be early which hasn’t happened in about 2 years!

So this week was hard but we know it will get that way at some point. The way I choose to look at it is that this week is the week I started earning that medal! Next week I’ll let you all know how this week’s training went and post in the comments if you’re doing you’re 1/2 or full or whatever training along with me! You can download my bare minimum 1/2 marathon training plan here!

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