Weekend Motivation 101

Sometimes life gets tough and you’ve got no choice to push through, other times you can afford to take a step back and take a bit of a breather. That’s true in training and in life. Here’s a little secret even the people who write plans don’t totally expect you to do every single workout in the plan. That doesn’t mean you can skip a lot of them and some are more skipable than others but if you need a break you can take one. Usually there is one long one and one fast one a week those ones you should try to keep and the other ones are the ones to skip if you’re body or your life needs the break.

Sometimes you really are committed like last year when I had some issues the week before tapering in half marathon training and it makes the most sense to push through. If you’re feeling overwhelmed whether you decide to stay committed or take a little break make sure you keep checking in with yourself. Maybe in a week or so you’ll have more to give or if you’ve decided to keep going maybe now it’s time to step back. Sometimes you have to make some changes somewhere else to accomplish your goals. I personally recommend house cleaning, other than laundry and dishes it’s all optional in training season.

This time of year we have in the past pretty much taken most of the month off which is great for training if you can get it! This year though we’re petty busy at work, I’m pretty busy with other work and other stuff and so I’m giving myself permission to maybe skip the odd post on here. Since it’s training season you’ll still be getting that extra Sweat Sweetly content in Tuesday training updates but if I miss a Wednesday post or two the world will keep spinning on it’s axis. It’s not for a long time, maybe about a month and then we’ll be back to the regular schedule around here, training will be over and you’ll always be getting 3 posts a week. I want to enjoy this process and not just feel like I’m barely keeping my head above water. Plus I might even get a step or two ahead!

So if you’re feeling like me with just a bit too much on your plate at the moment if you can, make some space on it! If you can’t and pushing through everything is the only path forward well then know you’re not alone and that we all know it’s tough! So if you’re training is easy, breezy and going perfectly dedicate some energy this weekend to those that might be struggling.

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