Weekend Motivation 103

I took this photo a few weeks ago when I was too late getting out to take a good one. In the end I didn’t even post my run that night. It’s just a quick shot while I was still running. It was a really hot Sunday night and the beach was still really packed at sunset. I didn’t notice until I loaded it to edit it that a person was standing further down the shore. It seems like a romantic notion to leave the big group like that and take some time to yourself. Although walking on the slippery rocks like that is only for the very agile it’s a great way to get a moment alone.

You can’t always just walk away from a situation when you need to clear your head though no matter how much you might want to. It’s great if you can find something in your life that let’s you get away. It might be going for a run, a walk, a bubble bath or an ‘upstairs’ hobby. Because let’s face it if you end up in a tough spot and you decide to take your very first walk in about a decade that might be viewed as hostile. It’s still your right to do so but if it’s something you don’t do on the regular it might cause the odd problem too. If you’re already an exerciser congratulations you already found a way to work some me time into your life and I suspect you already know that. Actually I went for my first run after a few years off in just this sort of situation. I remember feeling overwhelmed and being pulled in too many directions at the same time and all of a sudden running again seemed like a great idea! So this weekend take some time for yourself away from everything if you need it and make sure to celebrate the parts of your life that make that possible for you! I definitely will be!

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