Weekend Motivation 109

Last post was all about reflecting on the summer that was. This picture was pretty much the high point in my summer fitness wise and it took me almost 2 decades to do it. What made it so cool, nothing really there’s this local river I’ve always wanted to swim in and I biked there and did it. It was pretty much the best way to spend a night alone while honey was away and it was a great adventure. Was there any reason I couldn’t have made it happen sooner? No, that’s the only part I regret.

Here’s the thing though we do a pretty good job with adventuring around here mostly because we make space for it. I good adventure was rarely ever found on the couch at home. Getting out in the world is pretty much the first step. So is stepping outside you’re regular little box. Finding adventure doesn’t usually have to take lots of planning or money either but you might get a bug bite or your feet wet but that’s the breaks. To take it to the next level create unstructured time because a firm plan doesn’t really feel like and adventure really. You can almost guarantee that great adventure feeling if you go somewhere or do something you’ve never done before. My little niece is three now and we often go on adventures like paddle boarding to the beach and just exploring. The key is to leave and do something cool with just the loosest of a plan. Plus its pretty cute to see her blow kisses goodbye and tell everyone she’s going on an adventure! This weekend while you’re out there step out of your regular fitness box, go to a new place or try a new sport and go find YOURSELF some adventure!

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