Weekend Motivation 115

The snow once again came to my little part of Canada again this week. Not as much in the picture, this was last year, but it’s here! That means checking the forecast obsessively for reasons other than running. Also the road conditions and plow tracker, how cool is that by the way? Winter like dentist appointments and oil changes come around every once and a while whether you like it or not. So we all have to just keep dealing with things we don’t like and that stress us out.

Which brings us to our next point… despite the impression instagram might give you literally no one likes every part of their entire life. In fact I’d argue that no one totally likes ANY aspect of their entire life. Even though I love, love, love where I live our property is not perfect for us. I love getting active and my mountain bike particularly, it could be a touch lighter but my wallet wouldn’t like that at all! I love my family, friends and my partner a lot but they irritate me from time to time and probably always will. So we all need to tolerate those sorts of things from time to time.

I’ve realized recently that if there is something you low key (or more) hate in your life and it’s just going to keep happening no matter what you do about it, you might as well at least try to embrace it. You can do this in a practical sense with 4WD, fresh winter rubber, a coat that actually keeps you warm, lots of hot soup and or new skates. So if you hate waiting at the mechanics, cooking, cleaning the house or sitting in traffic it’s just going to keep happening to you so you might as well find a way to hate it less.

I’m sure you actually love working out right? But… it is a great time to think about stuff coming around the corner that you hate. Instead of letting those thoughts ruin your workout instead brainstorm about ideas to make it better for you next time you have to do it. So this weekend while you’re working out think about a few ways to make something you hate suck just a little bit less and try it next time!

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