Weekend Motivation 116

Things come up all the time that get in the way of what you were trying to do. And yeah sometimes it is a stick in your spokes and you got to throw in the towel for the day. That’s totally fine we all have those days. Here’s the thing though if that happens at work, with your kids or with someone you love you just gotta come back at it harder the next day right? My question is why don’t we do that with ourselves. We make time to fix other people’s problems, come up with new angles for our bosses or explain to our kids for the 14th time that they can’t put things up their nose. Why don’t we show that same tenacity when it comes to our own $hit?

We make promises to ourselves all the time, little moments come up where we say I gotta get on top of that but then so often we don’t. Something pops up in our path and we put our stuff to the side again. The thing is it’s just so easy to look at almost anything as a great big immovable obstacle that you just can’t do anything about. But those things can push you if you take the opportunity to let them. A crazy work schedule might make you think you can’t run but you also could get up crazy early, become super dedicated and take it to a whole new level. Improving your eating habits could seem impossible with a troop of picky kids but you might become a healthy cooking savant or save tons of money meal prepping every week. This weekend actually take some time, make one little promise to yourself and then make it happen no matter what life throws your way. Everyone could use a bit of that!

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