Weekend Motivation 124

How are those resolutions going? Hopefully still great and that’s not really why we’re here today for. But just in case the answer is “not so great” here’s two things to consider. One, it’s a new year’s resolution not a January resolution. You have the whole year to meet your goals. Next if you’ve all but given up start smaller on the changes you want to make. Try to get back to the big goal by July again. Okay enough of that!

Let’s instead talk about the reality of achieving your goals. It’s really hard overall but you’ll probably find that day to day it’s not all that bad. No matter what your goal is you won’t be able to snap your fingers and just get there. It’s just not something that will happen overnight. I’ve set some big goals and so far done pretty dang well at them. None of it was easy though. Lots of them took years and years to get to and sometimes more than one try. Overall reaching your goals can be really, really hard especially when you sum up all of the tasks along the way. For example running a half marathon takes me 12 weeks of training, about 75 workouts, 450 km and lasts a whole season. Here’s the thing though none of those workouts are individually really that hard and are not bad in and of themselves. Actually working on myself like that is kind of a luxury that I enjoy even if the task as a whole is just a little intimidating!

So if those great big goals you’ve set for this year seem daunting to you right now forget about that for a moment and instead break that down into smaller chunks. What do you have to do this month, this week and today to get to that. The ultimate goal will come in time. So this weekend while you’re out there crushing it stay in the moment and don’t let the ‘big picture’ overwhelm you!

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