50 Excuses Runners Use

We’re a bit overdue for a funny, silly post around here. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do today. Runners are often viewed as dependable, motivated and disciplined type people. Ha ha ha that’s not true we spend almost as much time making excuses about running as we actually do running! Most of the time they are straight up ridiculous and just a little but funny! We have a long list of excuses not only to go running and not to go running but for lots of other things like races and gear too. Given a set of circumstances most runners can come up with a list of excuses to rationalize what they were going to do in that situation anyway. The weird thing is our while our excuses technically could have merit (in links) they usually don’t actually have any basis in reality at that time. I get it some of these are pretty stupid but they seem so relevant in the moment! Even though there are so, so many excuses here this really is just the tip of the iceberg. So laugh along, find yourself here and know that you’re not alone in your rationalizations (aka excuses) to basically do what you were going to do anyway!

To not go running

  • It looks like it could rain (runner has raced during tropical storms in the past)
  • I felt something in my knee today it’s probably best to rest it
  • It’s too late in the day (this can be said at ANY time of day)
  • If I don’t have time for 10k is there even a point?
  • The laundry/dishes/dust is really pilling up
  • I ate too much
  • I think I’m actually dehydrated *Coughs dramatically
  • I ran yesterday/Monday/last week so…
  • I think I might be getting sick/tiered *Coughs dramatically
  • But it’s not Wednesday?
  • I think I’m getting my period *Coughs dramatically
  • The weather looks waaaayyyy better for tomorrow
  • I have the perfect outfit for a run today but its dirty so…
  • I already showered today
  • I should probably help my partner continue to sit on the couch
  • I have a big day tomorrow and I don’t want to be sore/tiered/grumpy
  • You pretty much wasted the day FOR me, so it’s your fault I’m not running
  • #restday

To go running

  • I’ll have more energy for cleaning/taxes/9 pm if I just go for a run first
  • The weather is sooo good it would be a shame not to run
  • I’m having a non-complex feeling, better go run it out
  • Oh you’re cleaning the house I should help *leaves in sneakers
  • Stressed due to continued existence of child/spouse/job
  • I didn’t go yesterday so…
  • My last run really didn’t ‘take’
  • Phone is charged, might as well go running
  • Well if you’re going running…
  • In law visit = long run
  • Oh you have a dog? Does it need exercise?
  • I just bought these sneakers/headphones/bra, gotta go test ‘em out
  • But my training plan says…
  • #nevermissamonday
  • I know you want to have an uncomfortable conversation but I’m going for a quick run first, okay?
  • I think I can feel myself losing fitness already. Can you tell?
  • Have you seen the forecast, I HAVE to go now!

To do a race

  • This could be the last year for it, how would I know?
  • All my running friends are doing it
  • All the running friends I haven’t made yet are doing it
This could have been my new troop of running ladies. Next time on the good photo I guess?
  • But I do it every year
  • I don’t want to do it… but I do want the medal/T-shirt/reusable bag with a corporate logo
  • This race is literally cheaper than going to the movies/dinner/a bottle of wine
  • Therefore I’d lose money if I don’t do it
  • The swag is supposed to be soooo good
  • Oh you’re doing this race?
  • I think I heard someone, somewhere mention it once
  • Someone I hardly know recommended it
  • #medalmonday
  • Maybe this will be the one where I get a good race photo!
  • But none of the medals I have now glow in the dark/spin/have unicorns on them
  • I need that shirt for my race shirt quilt (just me?)
  • It’s for a charity! *May not know which charity though

To buy something

  • Most people spend money on a gym membership I don’t
  • It’s about my health! *Could still be about a headband
  • All my sneakers will wear out…eventually
It’s gotten worse since then…
  • That’s pretty cheap for motivation if you think about it
  • I’ll only ever need to buy one
  • I could lose the one I have at any time!
  • It’s my size, it’s on sale and there’s only one. It’s clearly a sign!
  • There must be something to compression gear if everyone on Instagram has it, right?
  • If I buy this bra I’ll finally have something to go with those shorts I don’t wear
  • #shoeporn
  • They emailed me specifically to tell me about this sale, they must have something I’d like
  • If I need it later I’ll already have it if I just buy it now
  • Oh you have NO IDEA how fast I go through socks!
  • But this is the one I wanted all along *Did that today
I didn’t want the purple one that’s why I bought the black one too!
  • It seems like all my bras just die at the same time so I really should get this now

Hopefully you make some of these excuses too and I’m not a big old weirdo over here by myself! Do you make excuses in your running to rationalize what you were just going to do anyway? What’s the stupidest running excuse you’ve ever used?

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