Look (Sorta) Your Best In Race Photos

Yup, I’m that girl! I want to look cute or at least sweaty cute in my pics in case I want to profile them. To a point anyway, keep your expectations realistic though. I have some tips for at least knowing where the photos might be and even some race day make-up tips too. It’s been an evolution though, let me tell you! Actually scroll and I will show you, eeeek!

So probably the most important and universal tip is to try to know where the photographers are. I tend to notice the runners in front of me when I’m out there. If you notice they are waving, jumping or throwing their arms into the air, chances are they are getting their picture taken. So get ready. Sometimes at the pre-race speech they will also tell you where they are stashed on the course so pay close attention. You can usually count on photos at the finish line and perhaps leaving the first transition area  in a triathlon. No one is at the finish line yet so this is a popular spot for pics. Usually getting out of the water or sometimes just past the mount line as  you’re leaving on your bike. During a cycling race you might expect them at the drops in addition to the finish line.

So if you spot one or suspect your about to have your 1.5 seconds of fame what should you do. Thats up to you, I aim for the wave, some jump into the air, give the thumbs up or piece sign but really the options are endless. At least try to not look too misserable, like my bluenose picture, and do your best to muster a smile. Or do that super intense runner’s agony look if that’s what your going for. It may seem silly but a great picture can result from a slow race and all will not be lost. My fiancé does not run or race but he’s my official sideline supporter and photographer. He always posts a pre-race photo when I start and a post race medal photo at the end. Even though I sometimes grumble, I secretly love it. I can see the kind words come in on my watch while I’m out there and I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty nice!

So what about make-up, it’s either why your here or the judgement is strong for this section. And I get it, I’m cool with it. So for a triathlon, screw It, the swim is first plus helmet hair, it ain’t gonna be your best shot! I do try to slather on all of the SPF 100 I can get on there, for what ever good it does. If you want to go for a waterproof face, I say, ‘you do you, girl.’ PS if you are going this route it was a popular youtube thing a while back so look there for products. I always wear sunscreen and I have one that doesn’t sting my eyes so they are out there! If you want to go for more I’m sure that you can rock full glam if your so inclined, think about synchronized swimmers those ladies definitely have the waterproof thing down!

For a running race I aim for things that will look half decent if they run due to rain or sweat. Firstly I mix a bit of a long lasting foundation in with my sunscreen. I use  Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation Soft Beige 30ml everyday and since it’s long lasting it works well for races. You can add coverage if need be with more straight up. Race day might be the time to go for a real no make-up makeup look. I usually skip powder to avoid cake face plus the amount you would need to put on would be crazy to absorb all that sweat. I’m a greasy gal and this usually works fine for me since I’ll likely be in the tub by noon anyway. I skip highlighter and blush since I’ll be flushed and glowing anyway. I use Wet N’ Wild Coloricon Eye Shadow Walking on Eggshells which is always sold out in stores on my eyes. It’s really subtle and quite shimmery but since it’s light and rosy should it migrate during the race it’ll just add to my overall level of glow. The last thing is Rimmel Scandaleyes Retroglam Mascara, Waterproof Black, it provides enough length and volume to be noticed but enough not to look rediculously done. It has never flaked on me or smudged. I also wear a high spf lip balm but that usually doesn’t last all that long.

running pic
Inset Bluenose 10k may 2016, Sole Sister’s Half October 2016 and Frostbite 5 miler March 2017

In the Bluenose I wore no make-up and didn’t know the photo was being taken. But keep in mind my knee was acting up as bad as it ever had and in retrospect I should have walked back 1 km in. I was benched for 5 weeks after the race. I was in pain! In October I had done my make-up as described but it was pouring and a heavy rainfall warning at the time. I didn’t know the picture was being taken. For the frostbite five miler I added some blue frosty eyeshadow in keeping with the theme and I knew the picture was being taken. That race lived up to it’s name it was -12 degrees celcius (10 f) and – 25 with the windchill (-13 f). Notice the water I spilled frozen into a plate below my race bib.

Now if I’m doing a race on my mountain bike in the woods I’ll usually go for more of a full face and a noticeable colour on my eyes. I know that seems nutty but I quite like the result when I’m crusted over with mud, dirt and sometimes blood in my finishing photos. Plus I’m usually one of relatively few ladies on the start line which just adds to the beauty fun. In the olden days it was even worse I might be one of five ladies in the 100+ riders and I’m not the beefy tough looking type, so I figure I might at well embrace it. I stumbled on the ‘look’ quite by accident. Since single track races happen deep in the woods they don’t always start at crack of dawn. I left a job that involved a full glam face look late and make-up wipes weren’t a thing yet so I raced in pretty much full glam. I crashed and it was a muddy day but I also placed and my photos involved a full eye look mud and a blood smear across my cheek. Umm so yeah I was proud of that one.

What are your race day beauty must haves?









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