Weekend Motivation 125

My mom used to say a lot of things, like everybody’s mom did. Some of them turned out to be pearls, some not so much. Some I carry with me others I was all “Nah, that doesn’t apply.” One thing she said a lot was that every could has a silver lining, but she took it to a whole extra level. Whenever we were upset about something, even really big life stuff, she would make us come up with a silver lining pretty much in the moment. It wasn’t always appreciated and sometimes it was just weird but it’s something I still do.

I don’t always make myself find some tiny good thing exactly in the moment when I’m upset anymore. I now get that just being in that moment of wallowing for a bit has some value too. Especially if I find that bad feelings are sticking with me and I can’t shake them I will literally make myself come up with some good aspect of the particular situation I find myself in. I find it helps me with perspective that this will pass and even if it’s totally an undeniably terrible situation. Mostly though it just helps me move past the everyday annoyances in life that are sticking with me more than they should. Once you acknowledge that there is a good side to something you’re less than thrilled about the whole thing just doesn’t seem so bad anymore. Occasionally I’ve even been able to totally reframe a situation and get excited about something that I was previously feeling pretty badly about.

So this weekend find a silver lining in a situation that you weren’t otherwise thrilled about. If it’s your workout maybe you can get excited to try out some holiday presents, enjoy whatever weather you’re having or celebrate some hard won alone time.

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