Weekend Motivation 126

One of the great things about running is that no one says you have to stay exactly on the road. You can wander a bit around the edges and run through some really beautiful scenery just a few steps from where you are ‘supposed’ to be. I took this picture last spring in a local little park just steps from the road of a crabapple tree in bloom. I kept running back and forth brushing the branches as I went and letting the petals fall around me. Running or cycling lets you notice things and get to places driving never would. Some of those places are literally right next to the road.

I know it’s winter for lots of folks and it might be hitting pretty hard for you right now, it was for me last week. In those sorts of seasons we default to running the same boring and cleared route we’re used to. We’re mostly worried about maintaining fitness and a lot of the warm fuzzy feelings and passion for running might be a few months behind you now. Here’s the thing there are lots of cool pretty places you could run this weekend that still look amazing in January. Maybe not with flowers but you never know. If it’s been 10 weeks or more since you’ve had a run with beautiful scenery go find some!

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