Weekend Motivation 141

How can I say that? I don’t even know you. Well because they always are! I can virtually guarantee that soon-ish something great is going to happen to you. Things are tough right now dealing with the pandemic in so many ways for so many people. As much as we all are going through the same things like anxiety, financial stress, sickness and maybe even loss no two people are experiencing it the exact same way. But no matter when you’re reading this and what you’re going through better times are around the corner for you too. How do I know this? Well, because they always are. Whatever you’re dealing with something will come along soon that will make you happier, less stressed or at least distract you. Even though it can be hard to remind yourself in the moment our low points don’t last forever and however you emerge from your struggles things will get better with time. Like everyone I’ve had lots of low points, loss, health issues, relationship issues, financial issues all the issues really but eventually good things do happen again. Even when you’re deep in the thick of it, nice things happen then too.

In all of this Covid stuff we’ve been really lucky but I know that’s not the case for everyone. No matter where your life is at this moment trust that something will happen soon that at the very least will lift your mood. I’d even be willing to bet that there are a few maybe very little things happening right now that you could celebrate. For me that been things like:

  • Zoom meetings with my extended family I haven’t seen in years.
  • Eating healthier (at home) than I would be.
  • I haven’t had extra time but it feels great that other people have extra time for me.
  • Everyone is into my first love (biology) at the moment and wants to talk all about it with me.

I picked a picture of lupins for this one because they have weirdly been a special flower for me since I was a little girl. But that’s a post for another day. I’m also a summer girl all the way both the lupins and summer are just around the corner and I know that those things will make me so happy soon! Even though at the moment it’s snowing in May! In better times we might not have to do any extra work to appreciate the good things in life but when times get harder it’s only natural that it doesn’t come so easily. This weekend get moving and think about the good things that are sure to be just around the corner for you and the good things you might have already missed!

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