Weekend Motivation 142

Sometimes not all the time but sometimes we do want to impress people. Or at the very least it feels great when you do impress people. So many people in my life have all of these super impressive skills. My next door neighbor is super crafty and her end products make the Pintrest image look like the fail. Seriously it’s just nuts! My little sister can make a spreadsheet work for things that most people would never think this is a problem excel could solve. One of my good friends can feed a dozen people an amazing healthy meal for like $6! I do think we all have a few traits that are super impressive but here’s the thing all of those impressive qualities take A LOT of work to foster. If you think about it an impressive trait is one that’s well outside the skill level the average person has. In order to develop that level of talent then you got to do an unusual level of work.

I will be the first one to put up my hand and admit that it feels great to impress someone. It doesn’t really even matter if they are important to you or not. I think that’s pretty universal but I’m probably at least 66.2% people pleasing and probably was even more so in the past. Lately I’ve been impressing a lot of people with my strength and it feels just great! It feels great because it’s something I’ve worked hard on for years. It’s also something I have previously actually struggled with. For a long, long time I was the weakling I looked like I would be. At some point I decided that I don’t want to spend the rest of my life not able to open jars and the odd bottle of pop. Seriously I have had to go back into the gas station and get the clerk to open my bottle before. In the last few years my day to day job has involved carrying heavy stuff (too often up hills). Actually one thing I really appreciate about my job is that it really does keep me in great shape and crushing my movement goals everyday. Which is to say in combination with my fitness routine I’m hella strong ya’ll!

This week I just picked up something that a MAN was trying to jack up. I love it when one of the strong young guys in my field picks up something I was just carrying and struggles a bit. I’m just tickled when someone says “holy crap you’re strong!” I think I like impressing people in this way so much because I had to work so hard on it. I also think that because being physically strong is something that increased the quality of my life overall. I’m proud of the fact that pound for pound I’m like freakishly strong and it feels so great when people are impressed by that!

So this weekend I’m giving you two pieces of homework (okay maybe three). The first is to celebrate the skills you have and the work that went into it for your impressive traits. If you realize you could have more, pick something important to you and start working on it now! Finally pick a few people in your life with some out of this world skills and tell them how much it impresses you! People love to hear that and they might need that right now!

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