Weekend Motivation 145

I’m getting older, every year in fact, and I think I’ve felt most of the feelings there are to feel by now. Let’s leave the negative ones behind today and just focus on the great ones. Of course there are levels. We can feel a little happy or a lot happy. We can feel a little joy over say the arrival of a taco or a lot of joy over a new car. I’ve felt over the moon happy, so in love, incredibly grateful and tremendous relief. While all those feeling were and are pretty amazing nothing out there compares to feeling proud of yourself.

Feeling proud usually results from doing something hard, something you didn’t think you could do or something extraordinary. I’ve noticed that feeling just a little bit proud is a whole lot better than just a little of something else. Just a general happy, excited or thrilling moment is fleeting but making yourself proud lasts for a very, very long time. No matter how long has passed when you think back on your accomplishment your heart swells all over again. Part of the reason that feeling proud is just so great is that the feeling really boosts your confidence going forward. That’s true of a big accomplishment like getting your degree or a small accomplishment like building your own garbage box. I can’t think of another emotion that carries forward in time quite the same way.

I think that’s because things that make us feel proud of ourselves represent learning new skills and improving our lives. This weekend find some time to dedicate to something that makes you feel proud either in the moment or in the future. If you don’t have something like that in your life find something that will make you feel like that in the future and get started on it today!

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