Weekend Motivation 159

I have to be honest we’re having a pretty good run here lately all things considered. It was my birthday, our 1st anniversary and we’re quickly coming up on a big one for honey. We’ve come off of a busy two year stretch and we have lots of work lined up and recently dogged a bullet. We’ve taken some time this year and now to do some needed work on our place and some extra stuff too. We’ve even had a few nice surprises lately too and I’ve even had a chance to catch up on a bit of missed sleep. All that taken together means it’s also been pretty easy to get along with each other. Not that everything is perfect, life is still happening after all, but really no complaints at the moment.

Here’s the thing though it’s not always going to be like that. Over the years we’ve had bad jobs,  bad times and a few terrible moments. We’ve even dealt with the really bad stuff like serious health scares. That happens to everyone but no one posts about that on Instagram. I don’t either! As much as it sucks that will probably happen again. I mean that’s life right? Even though those moments will surely come around again that’s not a reason to let that fact take the shine off of right now. Getting through the tough stuff makes you stronger and keeps keeping you together. The good times make you feel like it was worth it.

In a lot of ways I can feel like my life is more up and down than most but that’s probably not true if I think about it a little deeper. I think I feel like that mostly because we work for ourselves and we have had some bigger stuff to over come in the past. Haven’t we all? However that means we can always rebuild from nothing, we’ve done it before and if this job sucks the next one is just around the corner. We don’t have any kids to worry about (anymore) and we’ve both been very healthy for a long time now. Add to that when we do have something bigger blow up we’ve so far learned the lessons from that and made the changes we need to. Remember everyone feels like this and even though it never seems to feel that way

For me right now I think it’s important to celebrate this moments while it lasts and be grateful for it everyday. You know enjoy it while it lasts. Take some time this weekend to think about where you are now and some times that were great and not so great too. Things might not be at a high point for you right now and that’s okay. Think about the hard earned life lessons you’ll take away from this moment because that’s what’s really valuable. If you’re having a great run enjoy it for now take a mental picture to save for later. You never know when you’ll need it next!

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