Weekend Motivation 166

I’m writing this on Wednesday night very much not knowing what’s going to happen for our American neighbors yet. I had a post ready to go today but upon waking up this morning I decided this moment was too big for my little thoughts. Americans, ironically from both sides of the divide, have this charming habit of threatening to move up here to Canada whenever something doesn’t go their way. In fact immigration lawyers from Canada have fielding serious seeming calls from Americans all week now. And as Trudeau the first once said “When the Americans cough Canada always gets a cold.” Truthfully I’ve spent so much time refreshing and doom scrolling today that I’ve developed a headache. One thing is clear our neighbors live in a nation divided, I think all that has been revealed so far is how deep that divide is. At this point whatever will be will be and no matter your politics it’s time to take stock of where you are and where you want to go from here.

This isn’t exactly a unique moment in American politics or our lives in general. I think at some point we’ve been deeply entrenched in our positions when our world view comes crashing down around us. It likely happened at least once in your early 20’s, maybe when you deal with health issues or the breakdown of an important relationship. When that happens, we really have no choice but to find some quiet and do some thinking. Coming out from those moments is never easy but something literally has to change. If you don’t decide how it’s still going to happen so you might as well do it intentionally.

Tonight I’m worried, not about who wins or loses but about people I love south of the border and people I don’t even know. I’m worried that the worst could happen and people will get hurt in the aftermath and that nothing will change and people will keep getting hurt. No matter who wins or loses if any progress is to be made everyone elected will have to work together with no clear mandate and razor thin party lines. There is so much that can be done in the middle still to make people healthier, happier and safer than they are now.

There are lessons here for life in general too. You can either look out and see the similarities between us all or the differences. You can focus on the fight or the calm of the world. You can either dig in your heels where you are right now no matter what or resolve to always, always be moving forward. You can listen to who yells the loudest or the person with the best ideas. No matter what or who you believe in or the situation you’re in the choice on those fronts seems pretty clear. Whether you’re American or something else, in crisis or calm the time has come to think about how you plan to move forward in the world right now. Because even if you don’t need to move forward right now the world does!

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