Weekend Motivation 168

Who are you? Really? It’s something we all need to ask ourselves maybe pretty regularly. Maybe weekly. And yeah we are getting into some ‘if you can’t take me at my worst your don’t deserve my best’ territory here. But not really, it’s complicated okay?

Let’s start off by saying that I think we all have a responsibility to try to be better every single day, at least a little. Every once and I while we have to do it in a big way. If we don’t try to do better and be better it’s really only us that is missing out. Growth improves all aspects of your life. Literally all your relationships improve, as does your performance at work and you even feel better about yourself! So before you get pulled into all that ‘accept me exactly as I am’ stuff realize that if you never change, even a little you’re only cheating yourself.

But we also are who we are as much as we work on things some things just aren’t going to change that much. Some of that will be little stuff and sometimes it’s bigger stuff. Sometimes it’s not even really within our control to change something. If you force yourself to be something you just aren’t nothing will drain your energy and set you back faster. When we do something that’s not authentic to ourselves there is almost nothing that feels worse. Of course none of that means you can’t step outside your little box every once and a while and discover new things.

This weekend take, a walk, get on your bike or go for a run and think a little bit about who you are really! Are you doing the work that you can to be a better version of you on the regular or have you been coasting a bit? It’s the perfect time to do some thinking before the new year right?

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  1. A few years ago I took a new position with my current company.
    One of the new people I started working with said this could be a path into a sales position.
    Many years ago I was in a sales position for less than a year. They folded our department and we all got laid off.
    From that experience I learned that I am not cut out for sales.
    People have told me I’m a sales guy and I know that’s where the big bucks are, my experience from all those years ago helped me realize that I’m not that person.
    It’s really hard to know who you are, and easier to find out who you are not.

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