Weekend Motivation 171

Think back on the moments that had the biggest effect on your life going forward. Things like meeting your partner, how you came to get that dream job, discovering your passion or how you met your very best friend. All of those days and all of those places were probably pretty mundane at the outset. Let’s flip the coin now and think back on those big life decisions you agonized over. Where to go to college, what house to buy and what to name your kids. All the thoughts you carefully weighed probably have nothing to do with whether it turned out to be a good decision or not. It doesn’t mean those things don’t matter but on the other end of it all it probably won’t be a good or bad decision entirely because of what you were obsessing about at the time.

When I bought my house I was obsessed with the commute and resale values. What I ended up loving about the neighborhood was the walkability and how multicultural it was. I picked my college based on how many applicants from there got into med school and I ended up doing a PhD instead. One of the best relationship choices I made definitely seemed like the wrong choice at the time. Quitting drinking, starting my businesses and buying a mountain bike were all life changing and pretty much just happened without that much thought. So I guess what I’m saying is any place you are in right now has the potential to be the best place.

This weekend take some time to think about the things in your life that really changed it and how that came to be. Think about the decisions you agonized over the most and how that pro con list you made worked out years later. You never know the next big thing for you might be just around the corner!

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  1. I started running because the company I worked for 18 years ago sponsored the Boston Marathon. They had a bunch of invitational numbers they gave out by random drawing.
    A colleague said it was a once in a life time chance to run Boston and I should put my name in for the hell of it.
    I gave it very little thought and it was a decision that changed my life.
    My second job out of college didn’t cover my bills so I took a job at the local Arby’s. I agonized over going in and applying. What if people from my day time job saw me? Oh my god!
    I ended up meeting my wife there.
    Interesting post.

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