Weekend Motivation 172

OMG I have so much to do and even more on my mind! Sound familiar? We all feel like that some of the time and some of us feel like that most of the time. All of us know what we’d rather be doing and maybe what we should be doing, and yet we keep putting that off. This year was an interesting year for runners and lots of other athletes. First off my heart goes out to the regular gym goers because at least as a runner and occasional triathlete technically I could still do all of my things. You folks could not. What we were missing this year was just extrinsic motivation in the form of races. While super fun races actually have very little to do with running and why I run.

I would tell you I run because it helps my mood, lowers my stress levels, is incredibly important to me as self care and makes me a more energetic and even a better person. Even if I left out the physical benefits of running it is something I should be doing to be the best version of me. Yet it’s the first thing I put off when I got busy this year. And I know I’m not alone in that. We were lucky this year to be a part of the economy that got busier because of everything that was going on. Maybe you were too whether it was because of work or not.

I recently got back into it and on this longer run last weekend I resolved I’m not going to let this happen again. In some ways running (or being active) is the most important thing that I do. If I stopped working a my job no one would get hurt, if I decided to stop cooking or cleaning at home someone else would do it and if I stopped doing things for someone else they would solve those problems another way. So I guess my question is this when we are busy or feeling overwhelmed why do we let ourselves stop doing what’s best for us. It sounds dramatic and maybe it is, but not running for three months had negative effects on my physical health (although negligible), my mental health suffered (I could feel the stress effecting me more) and my slightly $hittier mood did impact my relationships too. If you let go of something that was important to you this year because of everything going on I want you to think about that this weekend. It doesn’t have to be exercise maybe it was your weekly chats with your friends, family suppers or date nights. Even though we might not always be able to do those things to the extent or in the way we usually do, there’s never a reason to let them go completely. Let’s all have a deep think about that and always make time for the things that serve us the most.

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