Weekend Motivation 185

It’s okay to take a break! We are having a weekend to a week of rain right now. The kind of rain where you avoid going outside at all costs and think about what it would be like to live on a speedboat as an arc if you had to. I’ve thought about it a bit today and even with one other person and a cat I think the answer would be, not great. So I spent most of the day engaging in a series of naps. I definitely could have cleaned the house, caught up on emails found a marathon training plan, programed all that into my phone, caught up on emails and quotes or created a strategic plan for something but instead I spent 5 hours sleeping and about three more playing stupid games. I might even sleep late tomorrow too. You know what that’s totally okay!

We have all fallen into a productivity trap and wear how busy we are as a badge of honor. It’s like if we are super busy all the time then obviously we are important and doing meaningful things. The truth is we can all afford to take a day off when we need it or have the opportunity. If we’ve planned our lives right we realistically have a 6 month busy season where we are weeks to months behind and 6 months where we don’t really have to work 8 hour days, 5 days a week. I say that for two reasons If you’re going to be that flat out for that long you literally need a slow season to balance it out. The other reason is that we can in no way count of getting the weather to be flat out for that portion of the year. So if we haven’t planned right that puts a lot of stress on us that’s outside of our control to fix.

Even though there was all that and so much more that I could have done today and about 15 things I need to do that the rain is currently interfering with the best use of my time really was to take a break even though I wasn’t really THAT tiered. This weekend is a holiday weekend with two days where it’s going to be hard to be productive even if you wanted to be built in. I’m not only inviting you to take a break this weekend but take some time to think about why you don’t think you can. What does being that busy and time stressed all the time really get you and why do you buy into that myth? Why do we as a society see that kind of time pressure as a good thing? And what would really happen if you decided to just have two naps tomorrow? Every once and a while you should because trust me it’s pretty great!

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