Weekend Motivation 187

I think we all have a couple of people in our lives that we are in awe of for some reason or another. Some people have some crazy wicked accomplishments and good for them! They might have built an empire for themselves, run marathons every other weekend or have the prettiest lawn and house around. Really it could be anything and we’re often left just a little bit jealous and wishing we could have that. Here’s the thing though if you just want to have that overnight what you really should be asking for is a genie or a magic wand.

If you’re looking at a super fit iron man triathlete you didn’t see all the slow 5k’s they learned to run with, the first century ride that made them cry and the time they had to be pulled out in an open water swim. Growing a successful business might even be more stressful. I’ll bet that person had tight times where they struggled to pay their bills, was left all on their own to deal with a huge freakin’ problem at some point and missed more than a few family functions. I guess what I’m saying is it’s easy to see the final destination and not the road that it took to get there.

Jealously, even the mild variety, is a totally normal human emotion. But even the mildest forms don’t feel that great. The next time you feel that way think about what it probably took for that person to get there. I guarantee you that it was hundreds if not thousands of tiny little steps. If you know them you could even ask them about the process. When you acknowledge all those hard things along the way you go from being ever so slightly jealous to having mad respect.

So why are we talking about being envious and taking lots and lots of little steps? If you really, really want something like this for yourself then you should know about all the steps to getting there. It might seem like someone is lucky or had overnight success but that’s almost never the case. If you want something big you can totally go and get it. It’s likely to take you a little longer than you think. These big successes aren’t out of reach the key is to just break it down into smaller pieces and get started. For most things it doesn’t matter how small the steps are since they are all moving you forward. Big goals are totally achievable and a great place to begin is just learning how to start. So this weekend either take some time to think about all the hard work that goes into the accomplishments of others or start taking those steps for yourself!

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