Weekend Motivation 187

This weekend I wanted to do something a little different and a little more simple. As always I really encourage you to do the same and that is to make a list of all the little things I’m thankful for. Seriously there isn’t a wrong time to do this. If you’re feeling great at the moment then this will only make you feel better, if life isn’t so hot at the moment well then this will leave you feeling better. I mean the really simple things that you have that aren’t a big deal that you’re grateful for. If those ideas lead to bigger themes that’s great too. Put pen to paper or type it out that way when you need it you can re-read it again. If possible remind yourself why you’re lucky to have that. Your goal should be to put as many things on the list as you can. If it means something to you then include it. So leaving off some personal things that I really am grateful for here is a list of the ‘little’ things that I appreciate every day (this week at least)!

  • Most importantly I’m very lucky to have a stable place to live and food on the table everyday
  • If that went away I have family to fall back on (lots of people don’t have either)
  • Having a reliable safe car takes a lot of stress out of my life
  • If it did break I’m lucky to have a great mechanic I trust
  • I love my little office and having a space that’s just mine to do with what I please
  • I’m grateful I’ve found the ways in which I like to be creative since that adds a lot to my life
  • I think I’m pretty smart and able to learn almost anything, that’s helped me a lot
  • Overall I’m very healthy and active that’s something no one can buy and lets me accomplish so many things
  • I have found literally the best ratchet straps that take so much stress off me when transporting what could otherwise become a dangerous load
  • I have three streams of income that I can fall back on if there is an issue with one and lots of other jobs I could apply for, that makes me really lucky
  • I’m glad I eventually learned to cook and like it. That’s made me healthier and saved me a lot of money!
  • Lululemon Scuba sweaters, perfect for bed, work and the boat
  • Not wanting fancier things has probably worked well for me overall as has being environmentally aware
  • I’m grateful that I’ve kept pushing my limits as I get older, that’s really kept my horizons expanding
  • I’ve found winter tiers I like and an affordable place to buy them (on set three now!)
  • Big parts of my job I love so much I would do them for free
  • While we all have issues from time to time on balance the relationships in my life a pretty good
  • I’ve found several activities to get moving that I love to do
  • Having two bikes (mountain and road) is pretty awesome
  • I like to do things on my own but having backup from honey is pretty great when I get overwhelmed
  • I find myself more confident year after year and that’s feeling really good
  • Giving up things is hard but doing it has made my life better in a lot of ways
  • Geotextile non-woven fabric, weird but it’s pretty awesome in a lot of ways for me
  • I’m glad my partner has passions and that many are different from mine. That way we get to participate and be excited about each other’s stuff too!
  • The people I work with respect me and I can tell
  • Push button door locks are awesome especially next to the ocean
  • Customers that give great feedback at the end of the job. Especially good feedback
  • Even though I love summers most I’m pretty sure I appreciate all of the seasons
  • I have so many people in my life that make me laugh
  • Sunny, long runs with a slight breeze
  • I love that I get to do lots of things for others. I’m pretty sure that it makes me feel better than they do
  • That we’ve had steady work for many years now
  • I get to spend most of my time outdoors being active

This is nowhere close to a complete list of all the things I’m grateful for. That list would change every week and making it is a lifelong occupation. When I start to get into a dark place I find writing down 5 things I’m grateful for everyday really brings me back. When I’m in a great spot it just makes me even happier. Seriously, this weekend start a list somewhere to add to, to re-read and to keep in the back of your mind always.

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