Weekend Motivation 193

This past week had me thinking a lot about ideal conditions. That and the fact that if we waited for ideal conditions to do things we would literally never leave the house! Of course we never seem to need ideal conditions to do the little things or the stuff that isn’t really for us. Conditions don’t have to be ideal for us to go to work, do an errand for someone or give someone a ride. But when it comes to the stuff we really want to do for ourselves we so often just keep putting it off until things are going just perfect. Sometimes its bigger decisions like when to have kids or just giving yourself the excuse to splurge on something you’ve always wanted. No matter what it is if we think about it there always seems to be something going on that says now is not the time.

Most of these things don’t usually have a deadline built into them. For example I’d like to finally buy myself a fancy purse but… the truck could use some work. Today would be a nice boat day but since it’s still too cold to swim I might as well just go to work. And so we once again put off our thing, at least I do. Obviously things like starting a family or building a house do take forethought but these are also the things that we least want to miss out on. Over the last week I’ve started marathon training for a once in a lifetime race under way less than ideal conditions. I’m coming off a new injury but if I don’t start training the whole thing won’t happen. It’s true that there can be a wrong time for something but I’m not sure everything has a right time… Chances are if you take the leap you’ll make it work!

If you have #goals, a bucket list or even just one thing you really want to do I encourage you to take some time this weekend to think about why this might be the right time instead of the wrong time! Like me and training for my first marathon you still can get a lot out of an experience even if you technically fail. Rather than waiting for a perfect moment that might not come, give greatness a shot in a good enough moment!

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  1. I have the BAA 10K coming up later this month.
    I’m dealing with Achilles tendonitis so training is difficult. Just staying in shape is a challenge.
    Besides getting over my injury, my goal is to finish that 10K, no matter how long it takes.
    My plan is to do 1 mile runs 2-3 times a week and see if the pain level stays the same. If it gets worse, I may be walking that 10K!
    Talk about less than perfect conditions.

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