Weekend Motivation 195

Here’s what I’ve noticed… the times I’ve moved forward the most in my life I’ve been forced. That’s true in big ways and small ways. It can sometimes come out of hard or difficult times but that’s not always the case. In a couple of ways that’s happening for me now. Hell that’s the reason I’m even training for the virtual Boston marathon. If I don’t do it this year I might miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity to earn that medal. It could be landing a whale of a client when you’re already flat out or you know parenthood. This is why we so often look back at harder times and think I’m sort of glad that happened after the fact. Being forced to take a giant leap forward is almost always a good thing after the fact!

In the moment it doesn’t feel that way though! It more often feels like stress and being forced to ‘figure something out’ on the fly. We’ve all had those moments but for people that work for themselves we have them a lot! I’ve learned a few things having some of these moments first is that if calling 911 isn’t actually an option you don’t have to figure it out right this second. You can take a day or a week to think it through. The second thing is that there is almost never only one option and if the first one doesn’t work you can always try the next thing. You will eventually get to a point where you can see a solution. Finally almost always you end up in a better place for your struggle. Remember back to moments that just like this and how the skills or experience you gained are still helping you now. That my friends is called growth! Could be personal, could be professional but it’s always a good thing! This weekend, especially if you’re in this situation now, think about something great in your life now and back to the moment you were forced into the situation that came before it. You got this!

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