Weekend Motivation 196

This one is straight up about training and accomplishment. Training is a lot of great things it’s me time, self-care and it can be fun. At least when it starts it is usually something you love to do anyway like running, lifting, riding your bike or swimming. But… as time goes on it can get boring, be hard on the head and the body and even hurt physically. To a reasonable point at least, some pain is normal, it’s just a part of the process. This training cycle I started with some pain, it resolved but more than likely there will be more. So why would somebody want to do this? Why do we do it time and time again?

You might think it’s all for that sweet, sweet race day reward. Well that is pretty great but there’s a lot more than that. Right now I’m at a point in training where it’s not so painful… yet. I have never, ever in my life been able to run 42 km in a row. If I want to be able to do that it’s going to hurt. But here’s the thing there is no real payoff to that in completing the race on the day. But there is so much more beyond that. Barring some sort of highly unlikely survival situation the ability to run pretty dang far isn’t that useful as a strength. This year I’ll be building my ‘running muscles’ to a point I never have before and here’s the thing that progress won’t zero out for years. That means the next time I tackle something big it will actually be easier. The next 14 hour day at work won’t take as much out of me and those muscles can be used for so much more.

Sure I’ll be physically stronger but I’ll also have just done something that scared me for years. The next challenge also won’t seem like such a big deal and taken together that’s as close to a superhero skill as someone can get. Imagine looking a seeming unsurmountable task in the face and thinking ‘I have no idea how but I got this!’ Of course this applies to things WAY beyond training but lets keep it there for today. You in no way have to train for a marathon or anything else to get these benefits. You just have to participate. Get out there, push yourself and realize that discomfort is the road to new strengths!

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