Boston Virtual Marathon Training Update: Week 10 of 20

I finished last week tuckered out. So at the start of this week I knew that I might need to skip a run and I’m okay with that. I didn’t, well I sort of did, I turned one into a longer walk. This week was a little stressful at work, nothing too serious but like the regular owning a business stuff. But it was also my birthday this week so people gave me a wide pass which was nice. But as the week ticked on the runs kept getting checked off. An extra rain day this week helped out in the rest department too. Finishing this week means I’ve passed the halfway point in terms of time at least. You know what I’ve actually really enjoyed training thus far. I also had lots of doubts at one point I would make it this far.

Wednesday 8k: Guess who hasn’t been doing their speed work? This girl!! It’s common for me and maybe others the first time I train for a distance. I noticed this week I was to do marathon pace for a run and since I just want to live to the end in October I’ve been a little too chill about those speed workouts. Here’s the thing, yes those long runs do most of the endurance boosting work but the speed workouts count for something too. I was feeling it tonight though so I pushed the entire time and wouldn’t you know it I made some pretty good time. Maybe it was my super cute girl power shirt. But this new found speed is probably why my legs are a little sore this week.

Friday 8k: Friday was a rain day for sure. It was supposed to start later and go into the night but by the time I was dressing for my first thing in the morning run it was already pouring. But… now it was supposed to clear earlier in the day. So I skipped sushi and headed out. Actually I started my run on my watch and opened the door to rain so I decided to pause for the moment and hung back for 10 minutes. If it rains while I’m running (which it did) that’s cool but it is so much harder to leave the house in the rain. I had sun and rain, calm and wind and even a rainbow. It was worth it though because I found the perfect 8k exactly route. It takes me through a short but absolutely beautiful section on trails. Since I have more than a few 5 milers in my future this will com in handy. Lots of pictures forthcoming on the gram!

Saturday 16k: Saturday was supposed to be fairly cool and Sunday was not so I opted for my long run on the cooler day. I’m at the point in training now where some of the running things I say are entering the f-ed up territory. So “see you in two hours it’s only 16k” was said this week happened as did “no sushi for me I gotta run in the rain tonight.” This one was okay I definitely has some leg soreness and my pace was on point. I also wore one of the new sports bras I got for my birthday, specifically the under armor one. This one has three bra clasps in the back and very cool looking but very hard to get into! I got two clasps done up and figured that was good enough so if you have this bra, how do you get into it? Does it require help? This one took a little more out of me than I expected but I sort of knew it was coming, hence the reality that I probably had to skip one soon. 

Sunday 6.5k: I actually did this one as an 8.4 km walk while picking mushrooms. I once dragged honey on a mushroom walk where I extolled the virtues of ‘thinking like a mushroom’ and only 2 years later it finally worked! Which is to say we’ve had a decent amount of rain this summer so they have been popping up everywhere. I had pretty much decided that a skipped run was going to happen this week so this was better. I happened to find a few new stands on my long run the day before so I went to collect them today. I got about 5 lbs worth so a winter full of risotto is looking good. 

You can check out the plan I’m using here.  If you want a sneak peak of my training follow me on instagram! Are you training for a marathon this year? How is your training going so far? Leave it in the comments below!

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