Boston Virtual Marathon Training Update: Week 16 of 20

This week overall getting my runs in was a little tough for a few reasons. After my long run last week my knees were pretty sore. I wonder if that’s because I did it in a new pair of sneakers, so that’s sort of freaking me out a bit.. But I knew they weren’t injury sore because they were both sore in the exact same way at the exact same time. But at the start of the week I knew I had to be conscious of that. Work was a little extra this week and then we had a couple of days of rain. So getting all those regular runs of the week in was a little harder than average. But getting my long runs in on the weekend is priority number one around here now. All in all it was a good running week but all these months and miles are adding up.

Tuesday 8k: After a monday evening spent icing my knees, which really did help I got out there on Tuesday right before dark. I was actually sort of annoyed at how the evening rolled out at the time. You know the feeling you’re caught up in something that is really not that important, at least to you, and it just keeps dragging on and on. Well that’s exactly what was happening so even though I was hungry I had to get my run in before dark. All that said that little bit of annoyance had me feeling like going fast. So in the end it all worked out and it was a pretty great run.

Friday 13k: After my Tuesday run my knees were once again feeling it and it poured rain for two days. I had planned on skipping a 6k run last week but I ended up doing it as a 10k mushroom walk so if you think about it that means I had 4k in the bank right? I prioritized my last mid week long run and got 13k done. It was a funny day we did errands in the rain in the morning and once it cleared up I headed out. Pretty much as soon as I left the temperature shot up, the sun came out and after all that rain things were pretty steamy. My mom did her long run also 13k at the same time and we agreed that it was pretty brutal. I actually went a little faster but I had a hard time pacing myself. So even though my time was faster there was some extra walking in there. This was a run with a purpose too. One of those rare times where running crazy distances has an actual benefit. My mom had borrowed my second car for the last week and it was time for it to come home. So I ran a little past her house and then picked it up on the way home. That made for a complicated route though and a lot of that run was spent calculating when to turn around and then if I picked the right spot which really passed the time.

Skipped 8k: Yes I skipped a run this week but it’s okay. I did have 4k of walking left over from last week. Life happens even when it’s not all that dramatic.

Sunday 19k: I love that I’ve gotten to the point where 19k is like a bit of a weekend off. For this distance I don’t have to place water bottles and fuel along the way with the truck and it takes well less than 3 hours. This run was okay and it got us out the door at a reasonable time the night before. This run was fine and once again takes me over the part of the race day route that will be “new” distance wise. At this point lots of my friends know what I’m up to and make sure to wave and beep at me when they are passing by. One of my favorite people always makes sure to shout something encouraging too. I saw lots of those people on my long run on Sunday including for the very first time my sister and my niece and nephews which was super cool! I did spend most of this run thinking about next weekend’s 20 miler. But overall I’m feeling pretty confident about that.

I should mention that I ended the week feeling better than I started it. After almost 4 months of training I’m definitely feeling it which is understandable. I’m also heavily debating if those new shoes are what hurt so bad last week. For now my thinking is to try them again this week for the real long one and if they don’t feel better to do race day in an existing shoe. You can check out the plan I’m using here.  If you want a sneak peak of my training follow me on instagram! Are you training for a marathon this year? How is your training going so far? Leave it in the comments below!

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