Boston Virtual Marathon Training Update: Week 18 of 20

This week was mentally a rough one. Not hard really I just found myself really checked out of running. Last week was peak week with that doozy of a long run but this week really is a regular training week too. I’m not sure if it’s because if in the past the longest run was always followed by a taper or if once I crossed last week off the list this week was an after thought but it’s probably a combination of both. It’s not complicated really but I just straight up didn’t want to go running, like at all. I got it all done though, eventually.

Tuesday 8k: I left myself two potential rest days after my 32k just in case. On Monday I went back and forth on getting this done. But then there was a lawn repair emergency, last minute help on a concrete pour and then off to regular Monday night tutoring. So I did take that second rest day after all. I quit work an hour early or so and headed out for my run. This week has been quite warm for the end of September but there was a lovely breeze along the water. I felt really good on this run. I was actually a little shocked that there wasn’t a bit of a struggle because this was definitely a recovery run. Probably the biggest symbol of Nova Scotia is the tall ship Bluenose which is on our dime but also sails the province as a good will ambassador. It was actually in our bay today and I noticed it at the halfway point and there were a bunch of ‘regular’ sized sailboats sailing with it. We were covering the same route on way home which was pretty cool because that sort of means I spent the last day of summer chasing sailboats and it was super fun!

Wednesday 11k: This was a pretty rough one. For at least 3 weeks now I’ve really been feeling all the running. I’m sore, achey, tiered and maybe even a bit cranky. Even though this run isn’t listed as a mid week long run officially if we’re being honest it totally is! I took most of the afternoon off to get this done coming hone around 2:30 to an empty house. I felt like I had both sides of my conscience sitting on either shoulder, one saying take a nap and the other pushing me out the door. I even thought if I had a nap no one would ever know and I could just say I went running. Just barely the running side of my personality won in the end. This run was a bit too warm and I was a bit too sleepy. But it’s in the books. This week I’ve been feeling quite inflamed just all over and generally. I’m really, really looking forward to the taper and it’s about time if you ask me. 

Friday 8k: 10/10 did not want to do this one… are we noticing a theme here? At one point I even figured I’d just do it in the rain in one of the next two days and skip today. But I also discovered a new running hack too. I almost always set the distance on my phone when I’m training and for no good reason I decided to set it to 7k instead of 8 and that’s what I did. It made me feel like I was getting away with something. I also turned on my 25 most played songs and headed out. Even though the day before was a rest day my right knee felt tight but I settled in by km 2. I’m super glad I did but for the weirdest reason ever. We often work with just the best concrete company around here not only are they responsive and have quality products the people that work there are amazing! From the people in the shop and especially the drivers, all of them! But… one especially is a runner too and he takes his grandkids to races with him. Of course we chat about running and I promised to do the Lunnenburg muffin run on his suggestion but it’s been canceled the last two years. Well today I met him on the road in the truck and he waved at me which was super cool! I told you it was for the weirdest reason but it did make me super happy but I’m excited that I get to wave at south shore concrete trucks when I see them now! Maybe I should also mention that I have a weird fascination with concrete too!

Monday 19k: I worked the weekend and it poured on Sunday. I’ve been trying to space out my runs a bit more just to be nice to my knees at the moment. I was not upset at all to put it off until Monday this week for so many reasons. A day off a week is more than fair, two days of rest for the knees in a row and trading pouring rain for goldilocks running weather is always a win in my books. I headed out around 9:30 and just ran it. For 20k I stash a second water bottle at a friend’s house along the way while running and then do a swap on the way back. It was sports bra only warm but not crazy hot or humid and the whole thing went off seamlessly. I was bang on time, hydration and fueling. It was disruptive to the day but great and it literally felt like a regular everyday run which is crazy! That’s not totally true actually my sorer leg felt really tight for the first couple of km. But… it was trash day so there was no shortage of bins for me to rest my leg on while I stretched it out. I’m going to count that as a running win even though many might not. Running makes us do some crazy things right?

Since I had to teach late that night and there was only 3-ish hours of work time I took off to the fabric store instead. I think I want to switch out how I use a couple of rooms so I want to make a curtain for that. A few years ago while tapering for an olympic I accidentally discovered the value in a bigger home project to ward off the taper tantrums. It’s perfect because you have something else to focus on, that fills your extra time and something big gets done!

That was the bonus week of hard training that didn’t feel like a bonus at all. As much as last week’s peak week was a big deal this one was too. Dealing with weaning motivation is a part of training as well. Now I am so ready for this taper in every way possible! And there will be a Sunday post this week too. You can check out the plan I’m using here.  If you want a sneak peak of my training follow me on instagram! Are you training for a marathon this year? How is your training going so far? Leave it in the comments below!

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