Weekend Motivation 207

Let’s talk about the coming season for a moment. A few months back I talked about taking the time to slow down and recharge. I also pointed out that it’s important to be comfortable in that slower space. Well, it’s now time to start putting the work in to prepare for the upcoming spring, summer and fall. To be honest I’ve been resting on my laurels just a bit. PS it’s been great! We’ve had a bit of a thaw in the last few weeks and that always gets customers thinking about their spring goals and reaching out. This particular thaw also made more than a few people reassess their drainage situations! If you have the sort of life that is busy sometimes and other times not, you really should take the time to prepare for it!

So what am I doing well I’m finally taking all those before and after pictures I took last summer and updating my gardening website. You can check it out here if you’re curious. I’m working on a new 15k training plan so stay tuned for that! I’m also meeting with existing and new customers to make plans for this coming year. I’m also trying to figure out just what my needs are for employees this year and how to make that work. Plus I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about changes I might want to make this year. You know what worked well last year and what didn’t.

As much as we have to take some time to recharge we also need to do some prep work at the end of that time to hit the ground running. We normally start with floats and docks at the start of April and often don’t catch our breath until September. So the time we put in now will definitely pay off later. If you have a busy season around the corner for work, training or just life take some time to gather your thoughts and do the things that will make that easier now!

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