The 53 Stages of Dealing with Running Injuries

  Is it just 53? It might be more than 53. Either have a laugh at us delusional runners or know that you are in fact normal. I had bad shin splints when I first started 15 years ago and less so after long breaks. 7 stitches in my right foot, and runners knee usually when my mileage has been inconsistent. But this last round hit me so hard! At least we can laugh at my pain. Currently working on step 49!

I swear you can still get a medal after an injury!

1. Ohhh that didn’t feel good, I’m just going to finish this race that I know I’m not going to win though. Or the training plan then the race.

2. F#$K that hurts

3. I’m sure it’s fine, a hot bath, epsom salts, ice, heat, foam rolling and/or some stretching and I’ll be doing a recovery run tomorrow 🙂

4. 2 hours post run. S%*T this might not be good. I’m sure I won’t even notice it in the morning 🙂

5. How did that get worse WHILE I was SLEEPING?

6. I’m going for a recovery run, I bet I won’t even feel it after the first mile 🙂

7. Ok 2 miles

8. Maybe 5?

9. F#%K it I’m going home, rest day!

10. I’m going to take a few days off, I’ll bounce back stronger on fresh legs 🙂

11. Ok Going for a run! NOPE. NO I’m Not!

12. Am I loosing fitness, I have to cross train

13. Riding a bike, yoga, rowing, aqua jogging and/or Pilates sucks, it all sucks! I wanna go for a run! Maybe I’m healed?

14. NOPE! I might actually be injured?

15. So… According to google it might Be ITBS, runner’s knee, planter facetious, shin splints, a stress fracture or a cartilage issue which requires surgery? I’m pretty sure it’s runner’s knee though in fact I know it’s runner’s knee, no biggie happens all the time. 6 weeks, Ok cool I can deal with that. I’m gonna sign up for a race in two months though, plenty of time. I got this:)

16. I gotta stop googling about this every night. Wait this site says I can still run as long as there isn’t any pain. Awesome!

17. I’m going for a run to test it out. 500 m pain free, I think I’m healed. Probably still healed but I’m feeling that though.. I wouldn’t call that pain, per-say. Ok that might be pain though but I can deal still that one site said as long as my gait wasn’t altered by the pain I can run. Still running see I’m fine. (Possibly crying now) But my gait is still fine… Ok NOT FINE, NOT FINE. I’m going to walk for a bit… HOLY S%*T. How the hell am I 2 miles from home.

18. F#%K you if you lived here you’d be home by now sign. Maybe I should call someone to pick me up.

19. No then ‘they’ would ‘know’ I called someone to pick me up and two months ago I ran a half marathon in a tropical rainstorm, what’s two more miles.

20. Defiantly should have called but it’s less than a mile, even if I walk this will be over in 12 minuets.

21. How long if I limp?

22. How was my run? Fine, it was fine. My knee hurt a little though. But it’s a process.

23. OK google I need physio exercises, what do the elites do? more foam rolling with no foam? Elevate? Didn’t I already read this reddit? Yes but not this one, he got a brace, interesting?

24. Ok last page then I’m going to bed.

25. Crap it’s 3 am, again!

26. I need a brace, I’m defiantly loosing fitness now and two months ago I was doing 50 miles a week. I ran a half marathon in an almost hurricane for god’s sake and that guy on reddit qualified for Boston three weeks after he bought his brace.

27. Ok I got a new brace, going for a run! Ok this is great, I wear a brace now, Ok Great! Makes me look tougher, like I’m dedicated I like it! It’s kinda like a pirate and his eye patch, or a hook. Is it more like an eye patch or a hook? Crap that didn’t feel good, maybe if I readjust this brace. NOPE. It probably needs to be tighter, like way tighter. That’s better. Maybe a little tighter. Ok, Ok just go slower, ummm maybe smaller steps. Maybe tighter, where’s a tree I can use for leverage to tighten this thing? Nah that’s probably not a great idea.

28. This brace is S@*T, I’m taking it off, this is probably what’s making it hurt, my leg is friggin’ numb. NO NO NO WAY WORSE! I’m putting it back on! Maybe it just needs to be tighter?

29. F#%K, I’m two miles from home again!

30. How was my run? Uhhh…OK. I think the brace helped.

31. No I don’t need to see a doctor. Do I need to see a doctor?

32. OK I’m actually going to do those phisyo exercises now. Like every day! How many times though? The google image doesn’t say how many times.

33. OK I’ve done them everyday for a week, I’m probably healed. I’m going for a run! I’m going to take this brace though and stay close to the house.

34. Ok putting on the brace, take it easy now.  OK I don’t want to make it worse I can’t run but I can walk. Walking’s fun… I like walking. I can walk that race next month. I’m just going to keep going I can get some miles on the board this month if I just keep going. Yeah, I’ll walk it, still get the medal. It’s cool

35. Alright I’m going for a walk. Cool. This is great! Holy crap, all this walking dragged down my average pace on my app two whole seconds. My lifetime pace! I’m just going to run a bit, only up hill though. Less forces on the knee.

36. Hey I ran a little yesterday and it didn’t hurt like a lot a lot and it feels great today. I’m going for a run! I have to get my fitness back before that race next month. Four months ago I did a half marathon in crazy hurricane!

37. OK that hurt a little but I made it through, I need ice, alleve, but I did it. Alarm set, water bottle filled and cute clothes set out. Yeah run tomorrow 🙂

38. NOPE! Defiantly can’t run everyday. I’m sure every other day is still good though. That’s three days a week, sometimes 4. Maybe I should go back to aqua jogging?

39. Am I ever going to get better? What if I can never run again? While wistfully looking at old race pictures.

40. Crap, I just got an email from that big race I forgot I signed up for, 122 days until the end of May? When did that happen? And that little one is in less than a month. How am I going to do that triathlon/full that I said I was going to tackle this fall?

41. Can you get depressed from not exercising, you can get depressed form no sunlight, so yeah probably. I never realized how important running was for me until now.

42. I give up! But I’m going to keep doing those exercises and checking the leaderboard on my app like everyday.

43. Holy S#&T, I watched a whole movie and it didn’t hurt like hell when I got up. This might actually be progress! Those exercises are  actually working!

44. Never mind that 4 and a half months ago I ran a half marathon during like a class 4 hurricane I’m going to take this as slow as I need to. It doesn’t matter what I was doing before. That reddit post said one lady needed two surgeries after her first ultra and never ran again. That ain’t gonna be me! Maybe I should look into a couch to 5k program.

45. That’s starting to hurt, I’m going to walk back.

46. Two miles, pain free! Wow, how did that happen? Maybe cross-training is a thing?

47. I’m running, I’m thinking about that knee though! Will I ever run and not think about it?  What did I used to think about when I was running? Three miles and I’m feeling great, best to head home though, best not to overdo it!

48. How was my run? F%#KING AWSOME!

49. I’m sore from yesterday, I LOVE being sore!

50. I might not run that whole race in three weeks but I should be able to run some of it and finish, but only if I’m careful between now and then.

51. I promise from now on I’m going to stretch before and after ever run, keep doing those exercises and even keep up the cross training!

52. Weird, that was exactly 6 weeks. like all those sites said. I guess now I can go back to training like regular. But I’m going to follow the 10% rule this time, I swear!

53. It’s so warm for February! I’m going on a long run! See you in a couple of hours!

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