30 Ways to Support Your Runner

Runners… we can seem to be a nutty bunch, but if you have one so you already know that. You also know that running can be a big part of our life but you might not know the things that you can do to support your runner. Whether you have a serious runner, a racing runner, a regular runner or a just a runner in your life here are some ideas for how you can show your support!

support cover
Hint: This is a good start


For any runner

  • Bring your runner a cold drink in the shower on a hot day!! Beer is always popular
  • Find free running time for your runner it they’ve had a bad day by helping out
  • Have coffee ready for your morning runner on their return
  • Or buy them a programable coffee maker
  • BONUS POINTS: Fill it every night for them
  • Buy your runner gear for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, easter, valentines day and Tuesdays
  • Tell your runner they look sexy when they stretch
  • Understand that if your runner can’t run due to time commitments or injury this will make them a little bit crazy
  • Use the phase “it’s a nice day for a run” when ever possible
  • Hug your runner even when they are sweaty
  • Have a sweater and water ready when they cross the line
  • Tell them over and over, that’s a really nice medal!

For a racing runner

  • Go to your runner’s race and cheer them on, take lots of pictures and videos

racw pics

  • Hold your runner’s bag while they race
  • Pop into a gas station and buy your runner a cold drink for the drive home
  • Ask your runner what their goal time is and set an alarm for 10 minutes before that when the start line gun fires. Cheer the loudest for your runner by name when you see them coming to the finish line
  • Drive your runner to races
  • Carb load with your runner on pasta or pizza the day before
  • BONUS POINTS: Occasionally participate in a race like honey did!
  • Post a picture and congratulations on Facebook when your runner starts and tag them in it. Then they will get well wishes on their watch as they race.


For a training runner

  • Know the weekly breakdown of your runner’s training schedule like long run days, speed work and recovery runs and rest days!
  • If your runner trains with a club ask about a faster runner’s time first AND THEN a slower runner’s time
  • Participate in the post long run ritual. Make food, run a bath or bring a towel and flip flops to the beach or pool for a post run plunge
Post race lake swim with honey’s daughter Shay, I’m they flying one.
  • Or cheer them up the driveway like it’s a finish line
  • A epsom salt bubble bath after a long run or speed work is ALWAYS a good idea
  • Know when peak week is
  • Plan activities to fill your runner’s time during taper weeks before a race
  • Your runner is upping their milage every week, ask about it and congratulate them on that
  • Send your runner motivational memes and images
Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 12.38.30 AM
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What do the amazing people in your life to support your running. What’s supportive and specific about your sport?



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