Weekend Motivation 68

One thing I hear so often from people is essentially that they have so many responsibilities to others there is nothing left for themselves. No one ever comes right out and says that exactly but rather talks around the idea. More often they start listing all the activities their kids have in a week, plus work and shopping and laundry. Sometimes if you’re a few years older you’re in that sandwich generation doing all that and taking care of aging parents. I get that it’s hard and sometimes feels impossible to think about taking some time for yourself. I absolutely love taking care of people around me and have a hard time saying no but I also want to take the best care of them that I can. No matter who that is and what situation I’m in I will give the best care to someone else if I’ve already taken good care of myself.

Physically I can do what’s asked of me but it also means I’m healthy enough to be reliable to the people who depend on me. That doesn’t necessarily mean staying fit but it’s a really great place to start. It’s time away from pressures, alone time, self-care, running is therapy (just ask a runner you know) and it makes you healthier and energized. Digging way back into the archives you can even read about a few times being healthy and fit allowed me to (at least try) to save someone else’s life. More mundane than that it allows me to have the headspace for other’s needs. Then when you are helping someone else they are getting the best version of you that is possible. You’ll be a better teacher, parent, employee and person because of it. So this weekend and always push those feelings aside and enjoy your time!

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