Weekend Motivation 70

I know that we all have these shiny new plans for new year new you, but chances are no matter what you decided to change this year it’s not going to be a straight line. I like to look at resolutions as a year long commitment to change. Last year one my my new years resolutions didn’t change until December but this way it still counts. You will encounter bumps in the road for sure some bigger than others but it’s up to you where the road to your dreams for this year ends. This past summer I took this picture of a rowboat washed up in a local river while on a run. It might seem like it was the end of the road for this boater but even he had the option to wait for rain and higher water before continuing on his journey. In the meantime while you’re still super motivated go find some sources (blogs, instagram accounts and the like) that can serve to inspire you later on when things get tough.

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