Weekend Motivation 71

I took this picture of some passing kayakers last summer (obviously) on a boat trip. I picked out this picture this particular week because I know a lot of people are out there this week starting on new journeys to improve themselves. I wanted you to all know you’re not alone, it is hard and it’s totally worth it! Wether you’re resolving to lose weight, get fit or both it’s probably getting hard about now. That’s crazy right it’s barely more than a week in! How can it be so hard already? Well all those thoughts you had that lead you to this resolution built up last year over a few weeks or months. And you resolved to deal with all of those things one day last week. So at this point I encourage you to actively find a buddy if you’re struggling.

Look into facebook accountability groups in general or for your specific diet or plan or region. See if there is a diet or slimming club in your area or maybe it’s worth it to join in on a club or class. Lean on a friend that has gone before you for advice or in hard times. If you’re going to accomplish your goals this year you have to stay strong but no one says you have to do it alone!

Now if you are one of those long term dedicated fitness type people open your eyes a little wider this week for some new fitness people having a rough time. Be a decent person and make them feel welcome. Offer to show them how to use the machines, wave at other runners and if you see a co-worker literally starving themselves go talk some sense into him or her. By the way how are you all handling the Keto Krazyness this year? So far I’ve abstained from any dream dashing in the name of encouragement this year. But man is it everywhere!

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