Weekend Motivation 75

There are certain things we all want for our bodies. We want them to be bigger or smaller, shorter or taller or we want to inflate or deflate certain parts. I would argue if we want anything it should be to be stronger, healthier, have more energy, feel better and more comfortable in them. Though I’d take some spot inflating here and there too if anyone is offering. Reality check time the start of summer is only 115 days away! Three months and a couple of bonus weeks is time to lose 25 pounds safely, train to run your first 5k (or even a 10k), learn the basics of a new sport or pick up an active hobby or habit like a nightly walk and have it stick by then. By summer you could be worlds stronger, healthier and a long way down the road to where you dream of being now.

The only caveat dreaming about it isn’t going to get it done! You have to start now for all that stuff to be true. If you started in the new year well good for you, you got a 5 week head start. If your motivation is starting to fail remember this! If you’re already a dedicated exerciser good for you race season is finally getting closer! This weekend while you’re out there remember that saying someday in the future you’ll wish you started today!

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