Weekend Motivation 85

Too really grow we need two things, for sure one is adventure, pushing our limits and accomplishing things we never thought possible but the other is a place we can count on to hunker down. Today it’s all about that second thing. No matter what you do and who you are we really do need a soft place to fall that you can trust. That can mean all sorts of thing from a physical space, a person, a go to self care routine or something else entirely.

This picture got me thinking that sometimes we’re all too focused on the journey if you’ll pardon the cliche. Certainly the boats and the ocean invoke the idea of possibilities but having a safe strong home base that anchors you is important too. Storms in life and in nature are bound to come around again eventually and having an anchor point is ultimately what gets you through. This giant bollard in a safe harbor is ultimately the really boring thing that gets the adventurer back out after the storm.

For me that takes a lot of expected and unexpected forms. Sure there’s things like my house that I love, my incredibly supportive partner and family but there’s lots of other stuff too. Things like a mindless way to busy my time and fill my mind when I don’t even want to think about a problem but also self-care routines and an open mind. That can (maybe should) include you’re favorite form of exercise. Taking care of yourself physically makes any challenge appear smaller. Getting out for a run or bike ride when times get tough is a great opportunity to think, cry or whatever else I need that day. If I need some calm in my life there’s always a sunset swim out to the point or a nice paddle. I wrote about picking the right cross training activity for you this week as well and having a few options to ground you goes a long way to grounding you in tough times.

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