Weekend Motivation 86


Last year at this time I was deep into half marathon training and I was openly telling people that I was going for a PR and a big one. After that, I was rolling directly into triathlon training for an Olympic. That one, in particular, scared me more than a little especially since I had to abandon the idea the year before due to injury. At the same time, I was coaching two new runners through their very first 5k. Right now we’re redoing a wharf for someone who is taking on their very first ultra, how cool is that? The thing is no matter who you are the first steps in training are pretty much the same. It doesn’t have to be some big huge goal for it to scare you a bit and that’s okay. It also doesn’t mean that it’s less important either. This year I’m pretty sure that I’m re-doing things that I’ve already done but that doesn’t mean it’s no big deal or I don’t get to be freaked out a little by it. So this weekend whether you’re retraining for something like me or taking on a brand new challenge remember to go easy on yourself if you find you’re a little anxious about what the big day will bring!

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