Weekend Motivation 87

I have a favorite running route it takes me by 2 beaches over 10 k almost exactly and I don’t have to repeat a single meter of road. But it’s a route I don’t get to that often. When I’m training it’s pretty much only good for 10k non-speed work runs since it’s hilly and involves walking for a stretch over beach rocks and I have to go in full daylight. It’s also impassable when there is snow on the ground. When I’m just running for fun I don’t usually have over an hour of daylight to run and sometimes conditions mean I don’t want to go that far. I got to go this week for the first time in maybe 6 months and running it always makes me feel grateful.

Since I’m already in that headspace I got to thinking about all the other kinda running stuff I’m grateful for. I’m grateful for the time that I have (and some times I have to make) for running. I’m grateful to have the coin to have the gear, race entries and no worries about burning through a pair of shoes too fast. I’m so grateful to have a partner who in a lot of ways demonstrably doesn’t ‘get it’ who buys me fancy running presents, cheers at all my races and makes my running one of his priorities too. In fact all of my little family makes allowances for my running in their lives from time to time. I’m incredibly lucky to like in a such a beautiful place that seems to never fail to inspire me to get out there. I’m also grateful that my mom an step-dad said “sure lets try” when I suggested adding running to their retirement plans.

I’m also grateful to my body for being able to get up and do that sort of thing after shoveling all day. I’m happy that I have the commitment to stick with it because sometimes it does get tough. I’m grateful that I know myself well enough to make it a strong priority in my life. I’m even thankful both that I’ve healed from previous injuries and that they’ve taught me that I’m not invincible and to enjoy this moment right now. That’s certainly not the whole list of things running makes me grateful for but it’s definitely the top hits and it really does apply to all the other things I do too. With that in mind this weekend take some time to figure out why you’re grateful for your sport.

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