Weekend Motivation 89

Lot’s of us are in training for something right now. Some of you are also training for a distance first too. That can be scary right? This year I’m not headed into dedicated training season until June. You might be thinking a lot about crossing the line on the big day, that’s normal but foolhardy. Stay with me here, instead recognize and celebrate all the hard work you’re putting in day to day. That’s where the hard work is really done. The race really is just a celebration of all those days, weeks and months of training.

Getting up really early on one day and racing a distance you know you have trained for isn’t really that hard. Okay the waking up early part is pretty hard but all those days, day after day are! All of those days can even change you as a person. Big goals are a good thing for sure but all the hard work and dedication to accomplish the goal is a great thing! You might not get a medal or hear cheering on your long runs so I’m going to go ahead and give you permission to cheer for yourself this weekend!

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