Weekend Motivation 93

Run wild, run free. Great words to live by but a little unrealistic right? At least I think so. You’ll see lots of motivational messages out there with that sort of message on them. As nice as that sounds most of us just can’t live our lives that way. Things like mortgages, those kids you made a few years back, work, family commitments, the need to eat tomorrow, all those dirty socks and you know weekdays in general continue to exist. So we can’t just all be taking off and doing whatever we want, whenever we want.

It would be nice to live that way but you can’t live as a wild free hedonist. Taking the time to workout, doing something you love, is probably the closest you might get. Whether it’s running and exploring your city (or the woods), flying about on your bike, swimming at sunset or a simple walk is pretty close to total freedom for most of us. The time you’re taking has lots and lots of benefits like health, fitness, confidence, clarity and just time to think so it’s like a 6 bird one stone situation already. What you do with that time is totally up to you. You could investigate an undiscovered path like I am here, make your own cool breeze on your boat or take off in any direction you want. It might sound undoable when you’re scrolling online but doing what you love outdoors is as close as you can get.

So this weekend while you’re out there or thinking about it make sure you take a moment or two at least to run wild and run free!

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