Weekend Motivation 117

Confession time, I’m usually the one muttering to myself, I am in fact one of those. I even find myself doing it in public, even when I’m totally by myself. Some say talking to yourself out loud makes you crazy others say you’re only crazy if you answer, either way everyone talks to their self on some level. On average we speak about 125 words per minute but we think about 4000 words per minute. So even if you’re not muttering to yourself like a crazy person your inner voice is still going strong.

Over our day, the month and our lifetimes we talk to ourselves more than anyone else does. At that rate probably more than everyone else is combined. Think about that for a moment, I’ll wait…

It would be nice if we never said anything negative to ourselves but that’s not really realistic is it? Everyone I know that I talk to this sort of thing about, including me, can be really hard on themselves and tell themselves terrible things they would never say out loud. Some people insult themselves, others catastrophize still others are filled with self doubt. Truthfully some of that is probably part of the human condition. It’s no wonder we all feel the way we do sometimes.

Here’s the thing we all gotta find a way to be kind to ourselves from time to time too. Make it a point to think some happy thoughts about yourself too. What things are you good at? What admirable qualities do you have that run all the way through? Personally I like to stop my inner bad thought roll when it’s getting out of hand and think myself a few nice thoughts too. Or at the very least stop the downward spiral for a moment. I also try to make it a point to think nice thoughts when I need it or have the time. Sometimes its hard but here are a few that I can go to no matter how low I’m feeling:

  • You are a very safe driver with a clean driving record and no at fault accidents going on 20 years now and about a million kilometers.
  • You’ve accomplished several things that less than 1% of the population does like running a half and getting a PhD.
  • You are very loyal in all sorts of relationships even when the going gets tough.
  • You hydrate like a motherf&#@er!

This weekend take some time, log some miles and find a way to think some nice things for yourself on the regular. Maybe it’s as you drift off the sleep each night or when you wake up in the morning. Perhaps while you’re driving or cooking you make it a point to be nice to yourself. Even if you just develop another inner voice that tells off the first one because you actually like that first girl/guy deep down. Find a way to boost yourself from the inside too!

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