Weekend Motivation 132

Spring training season is just around the corner and side note I don’t exactly have a clear plan yet. Yes that’s stressing me out a bit but I’ll figure it out soon. This is the perfect time of year to sit down make a list or write a letter to yourself about why you want to tackle a certain goal this year. Yes this will probably take some thinking first. There are all sorts of good reasons. Things like to prove you can do it, to stick to something or to get into the best shape of your life. There are also a lot of not so great reasons but those totally count too! Things like because someone told you that you can’t, or you want to look a certain way or you just really, really want to post about it. You’re not done until you have at least one thing that really moves you on that list. Take some dedicated time to figure out exactly why you want to do this year’s challenge.

Now tuck that away. When training is about to start read it again. After a hard workout, read it again. Finally each and every time you want to quit pull it out and read it! It might seem like a good idea to post it somewhere you can see it all the time but don’t do that. We want to save it for days when we really need that inspiration boost. If you do need to be reminded about its existence post a note somewhere reminding you what drawer it is in. Once I finally decide what I’m doing this year I’ll be writing out a list this year too. Last year I could have really used it!

It’s totally okay to expect that everything will go awesome in training this year but it’s more practical to believe that it won’t. I don’t think a single training cycle has ever gone off without a hitch. It always gets hard at one point. So this weekend be realistic and forward thinking and write down your motivations now so it can carry you through the rest of the year.

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