Weekend Motivation 155

Even for us we’ve been going all out and yet still find ourselves falling behind lately. It’s been 7 days a week and at the very minimum 12 hours a day now for about a month. Mostly because it hasn’t rained in about that long and the to do list is getting longer no matter how much we check off of it. Not to say I’m not having fun after all this week and last we spent a part of every day working in the water in my favorite bikini on a wharf job. I’ve also gotten to eat pizza pretty much every day, sometimes even twice. But I’m about ready for break (not from pizza though)!

I haven’t got to spend much time working on my gardening stuff and when I have I haven’t been alone. Tonight someone told me last minute that they needed me to water in the sense that they were already gone. So not optional given that it was a smoking hot day. I literally hoped out of the work truck fully loaded and into my car to head back to work. Poor honey had to unload all on his own. But an hour or so of watering turned into a couple hours of work (to rest the pump) all alone and it was so needed.

Everyone needs that sort of space literally or figuratively in their lives. A place where they can go to be alone, sit with your thoughts and recharge. (It is nice to get paid for it though too if you can swing it.) So this weekend find some time to spend in your quiet place if you have one or searching if you don’t.

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