Weekend Motivation 165

The runner in me is tempted to say ‘here we go again’ where the biologist in me thinks ‘we’re just getting started here!’ Most of the world is now very much entrenched in the second wave. It sucks and restrictions are going back into place. There have been numerous pandemics in the past and all involved second, third and well multiple waves. So we might not be done yet. I get it it sucks to have your freedoms rolled back and pandemic fatigue was a really thing then and it is now too. If you’re a certain kind of person, young-ish, fit-ish and with a pretty healthy and young family you might have even realized that just getting COVID and getting better might just be the easiest thing for you. However that would be incredibly irresponsible.

But whether you are running the roads or running your own life make sure you bring your heart into it. All of the scary truths of before right now are still true. You could be asymptomatic, you could get someone you love sick and someone they infect might die. We’re all someone’s daughter, father, lover or support system. No preventable death is worth some creature comfort including group runs. Keep keeping your circle as small as possible and at a minimum follow public health guidelines. If you can think long and hard about the one or two good things that have come from this that will help a lot. Sure there’s still endless meetings but now you can do them in partial Pj’s.

But lots of things have changed since the last truly global pandemic. Vaccines are a thing now, so is contact tracing and alert apps. We’re all lucky for that! I know we’re all frustrated, tiered and have the ultimate case of cabin fever right now but remember that your actions right now can have dire consequences. So literally and figuratively right now if you have to run alone, run with your heart!

In the meantime check out the joys of running solo

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