Weekend Motivation 177

Today we’re talking about the little things not the big once in a lifetime stuff that really could change the outcome of a life. But here’s the thing all that little stuff adds up and could change your life too. You know the stuff we know we should be doing but just keep putting off until tomorrow. The stuff that literally nothing is preventing us from doing but we still don’t. For me that’s things like:

  • Drinking more water (I have the bottles)
  • Turning my clothes right side out before I wash them
  • Packing a heathy lunch
  • Making my bed
  • Getting that freelance article done with no deadline
  • Doing my physio exercises
  • Getting a run in
  • Strength training
  • Cleaning one thing everyday
  • Putting things back where they go
  • Making a meal plan and a corresponding grocery list
  • Cleaning the truck out every night
  • And the list goes on

If I did all those things, none of which and all of which are no big deal, life really would be better. But we all have a list of those simple things like that don’t we? Here’s the thing though the reasons behind all these simple things aren’t that simple. It could be that we’re chronically tiered and apathetic, we might have a stop and go shedule that leads us to take shortcuts all the time. Some of us struggle with mental health, use unhealthy coping stratagies or spend too much of our energy on others and not ourselves. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! So how do we fix it then?

First give yourself a break because no one and no one’s life is perfect! There is no way to actually accomplish everything on the list because it will only keep growing. I think you all know me well enough by now that just give up then isn’t what’s coming next. What we should do instead is recognize that dealing with these lists is mostly forming a series of habits. That’s WAY easier said then done though. It’s not a great idea to try to tackle everything on the list at the same time either. So this weekend take some time to yourself, maybe go for a walk, and decide what thing on your list would make the biggest difference in your life and which one is easiest to do. Then make some concrete plans to make those changes in your life. How are you going to make those things happen? Then check in with yourself every week and see have you been doing it? Keep reminding yourself that you’re supposed to be working on it. Is it a habit yet? Once it is and it has been for a couple months, however long that takes do it again. Now doesn’t that sound like an easy way to make some changes and make them stick!

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