Weekend Motivation 186

I wrote this week about being busy and how to survive a busy time. What I didn’t talk about is managing the mental load of all that. Really the two go hand in hand. Now that I’m busy at my side gig again it really makes me appreciate how much of that honey must deal with all year long. I that post I talked a little about not feeling like you had to keep up all your regular stuff and your new busy stuff too. I also talked a little about letting go of as much as possible physically but mentally too. I don’t even think this only has to be when you’re especially busy either. If you find yourself snuggling for any reason it’s okay to do less.

It’s okay to take a day off, even a sick day because you just need a break. It’s okay to go on laundry strike or to make frozen suppers for a week. If you’re used to doing it all of something it’s okay to just do half if that’s all that ever gets done. The key is though is not really that you just do less but you have to care way less too. Because not doing it really is only half the process. While we’re not compatible in every single way this is one thing honey and I are in synch with. I think if we are neglecting something we usually do we just assume there’s a pretty good reason.If you notice that someone in your house or work is doing less maybe talk to them and help them pick up the slack.

It can be comforting or unsettling depending on your world view but if you literally did nothing today, in most cases, nothing bad would happen at all. People would cover you at work, you family could eat crackers for supper and wear dirty socks the next day. The world would keep on spinning. This weekend take some time and think about what you could drop off your plate if you needed to. And if you’re ready to go deeper why it is you think you can’t.

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