Boston Virtual Marathon Training Update: Week 6 of 20

It might be a little early in training to say this but so far some of the stuff I’ve worried about hasn’t come true! And… they don’t seem to be. One simple thing is water. Our summers have been getting drier over the past 5-10 years. Around here you can either have a dug well or a drilled well. Drilled wells usually require more treatment but have more access to water but we have a dug well. Lots and lots of people have been dry over the last few years by the end of June. We’ve been blessed to have enough water every year but when I did my first half 4 years ago we got really low. I had to watch baths, do laundry at my sister’s and it sucked! But it’s July now and still raining so we shouldn’t have to worry this season *knocks wood. That would just make training so much more annoying, so yeah! I’m probably thinking about that because with all the miles and hot weather the dirty running clothes are starting to take over the house. Send help!

The other thing that seems to have largely resolved is my knee. Last week she could not be ignored, this week crickets! Hopefully it will stay like that but I think the last issue is behind me at least. This week we had some rain and Canada Day which is like out 4th of July. We took the boat and some company out for the whole day which was great but that meant a whole day off preparing for me! All in all it was a great running week!

Tuesday 5k: Just an afterwork run today. I ran my usual in and out 5k and it’s starting to feel very usual. I think I’ll have to start switching this one up in the next few weeks. But at the end of the day when I just really want to eat supper and wear my pj’s it just feels so easy to run this same route over, and over, and over….

Wednesday 6.5k: Wednesday I spent the day cooking BBQ for the holiday but I also got my second covid dose (yeah!). Then more cooking and sneaking in a run just before dark. That did dramatically improve my mood and I went to visit the boat. I knew there was no chance of running the next day with the holiday and I might not feel the best after my shot so today was the day. I’m not sure if it was finishing everything, the self-care time or the endorphins but my mood was dramatically improved after. 

Saturday 14.5k: While I did have lots of fun in the sun on Canada Day I also took a nap on the front of the boat when the sun ducked behind the clouds in the afternoon. Ditto for the rainy Friday morning. It’s hard to say if it was the shot or marathon training but I was feeling nappy both days. Sunday looked like another strong rain (with lightning) day so I figured get the long run in because it’s most important. It was pretty drizzly and very windy off the water so I ran ALL the in and outs on the back roads to avoid the wind. Then I pounded 20 lbs of spirals in on the wharf honey is working on. I actually did an extra km at the end and I felt strong at the end which was great! I’m hoping those low teens harder long runs are behind me now. 

Monday (not Sunday) 6.5k: Sooo … this might be cheating a bit in training but… I took all the extra little bits of kms I ran in other runs this week and subtracted them from this run! Not sorry about it. I did actually get my 5k in before work though so that’s a win! We’ve had a couple of days of rain so it was still pretty chilly this morning hence the pants (and I actually wore a tee running). I love, love, love how cute and comfy this outfit it but I don’t know what weather conditions actually call for pretty warmish pants and just a bra. It’s great for pictures though! This run was a recovery run and it really felt like one but starting my day of on the right foot felt pretty great!

This week was an okay one in training and running. Having my long run feel easy and being strong enough to go further at the end was awesome though! I remember thinking when I picked up this plan that things didn’t really get crazy until week 8-ish so for now I’m going to enjoy my potential ‘easy week’ this week and start digging deep for the weeks ahead! You can check out the plan I’m using here. Are you training for a marathon this year? How is your training going so far? Leave it in the comments below!

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