Michelin Tire Trot 5K: Race Recap

This turned out to be a trail run, did not know that, a trail run in the cold and rain actually. So I have my outdoorsy points for the week nailed down! It was a lot of fun and I ran without music or pacing so it is some good unintentional triathlon training.

tire trot

A bit about the race: This was the very first year for the Tire Trot in Bridgewater, Nova Soctia and it was free, bib chip timed and you get a sweet medal! The Michelin Tire Plant is a major employer in the town and this is part of their health and safety week. I noticed it when I was planning my race season and registered the next day! One lucky participant, spoiler alert, not me, even wins a set of 4 tiers for their vehicle, sweet! There is a 5k and a 1k kid’s race. It starts from the LCLC not the plant which was the address in the email that was sent out but that was figured out within about a minute and a half when I asked the plant information officer.

Parking and weather: So much parking right next to the race and the expo inside after! Now the weather sucked! This spring, save for a few days, has not sprung. Which is why my gardening is so behind too! I checked at home on the webcams before getting dressed and it said 16.6 Celsius so I opted for short black shorts and a light tee which is what the internet told me to wear. When we pulled up it was 12 and pouring rain as expected, sad face :(.

Before: Cold but dry

Cheer squad: Unfortunately my only cheerer was overtired and under caffeinated. Honey got out of the car to take my picture before and after and hand me a sweater. That was about it but it was pouring and I forgot to pack an umbrella.

Course: I’m gathering that Bridgewater has a pretty avid trail racing scene. It’s the next sort of bigger town over from me and heading there means you can avoid running into the city so a race there first thing is totally appreciated but I’m a little less familiar with the lay of the land. Since I left my phone and watch in the car I don’t have a route map for you but… you leave through the back of the LCLC parking lot and onto the trail, it’s an in and out race meaning you turn around and run back the way you came. You run over the Lahave river bride that also runs over King street and then follow the river on the trail most of the way.

Logistics and crowd support: Alright so this was a bit sucky but it was the first year, it was free and everyone was really happy to be there even in the rain! I also saw this coming since it was a new event thrown a tire plant at the end of the day. I got the sense that the LCLC was booked for post race activities and I don’t know why we didn’t gather in there and walk out as a group rather than hanging out in the parking lot. Next issue was they did the kids trot first and then we waited and waited for them all to get back. We waited about 30 minuets after the start time for the 5k to start, in the cold and the rain. Ok lets go to the good now and then we will circle back. The bibs had chips which is super cool for a free race and the true professionals at Atlantic Chip as always did awesome. So there was a chip time as well as a gun time.

Volunteers as always were awesome but the guy at the turn around point was the only person on course and the only race marker. Me and another lady really wanted a chance to take a picture with the Michelin Tire man but he wasn’t there! There was no water station at all which would have been nice at the 1/2 way point. As it was organized this year it’s not a great place to run your first 5k.

Race goals: considering the weather, no music and the fact it was my second trail run, in the wrong shoes my goals were not lofty. Finish, get medal and go home.

Swag: Amazing medal and ribbon especially given the fact that it’s free. Honestly I suspect they use the same supplier as the Bluenose. I have a snowman one that I’m excited now has a friend! I picked up a water and bag of chips at the end but didn’t go see what was indoors but I heard rumours of bouncy castles.


  • Time: 30:39
  • Overall: 70/ 188
  • Age group: 10/39
  • Gender: 31/125
  • Shoes: Adidas Boston Boost 5

In a small group without music or packing I’m surprised I did as well as I did. I was 37 seconds of my 5k PR. Really all of the Km’s felt the same and I didn’t think I was going as fast as I did. This was the first race were I cracked the 25% in any category!

After: So so so soaking wet!

Looking back: What would I do differently. Nothing really important.   Wear more clothes maybe and my trail shoes. If it stayed exactally the same I would do it next year again!




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